This Read-A-Loud is the story of Jonah and the great fish, BUT from the Fish’s perspective. It’s a heartwarming tale, reminding us we are all uniquely and purposefully made by God.

    The book comes to you as a PDF sent straight to your email. It is 19 pages of beautifully illustrated story which you can simply print from home OR use on your electronic devices.   

   I created it so you can have multiple copies. Having used read-a-loud books myself, I found my kids often argued over who got to hold the book. With this download, you can print as many as you need!  We purposefully made the colors printer friendly as well.

  The book follows along with the audio on Kids Bible Stories podcast, episode #120. The podcast plays on all major podcast platforms for FREE. Simply find #120 titled Dan the Great Fish, press play, and follow along.

Dan the Great Fish

  • The audio to the book is FREE. Search Kids Bible Stories Podcast on any major podcast streaming device. Find episode #120 titled, Dan the Great Fish Read-A-Loud and hit play. 

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